Mr. Gauthier is incredibly responsible and truly cared about my girlfriend’s case and a speedy resolution. He helped us achieve a very satisfying result, Crown didn’t approve the charges. Overall, I would recommend him to anyone who is trying to find a criminal lawyer. Mr. Gauthier, please accept our deepest appreciation.


Michael Mines and his law team were extremely professional, responsive, and provided me with excellent advice as well as guidance. They prepared me for my upcoming case and what to expect with great detail and high concern for my well being. I was able to contact them with ease, even after business hours. With Michael and his team’s experience and knowledge, I was able to receive a fair verdict. I highly recommend them!



My attorney was Ian Gauthier and after working with him its safe to say I can confidently recommend anyone to Mines & Company. Ian and everyone at Mines & Company are very friendly and treats you with the upmost respect. Ian personally worked hard on my case and kept me updated throughout the whole process. Ian got me the best outcome possible. Its safe to say that I would recommend mines & company to anyone looking for a lawyer especially Ian Gauthier.



Thank you from both of us for helping S.D. with his case. Your professionalism, kindness, patience, and understanding is much appreciated. S.D. specifically asked me to thank you for your patience due to his not so good English and his explanations. We always knew you are an amazing lawyer and we can count on you.  Michael we can see you are a highly respected lawyer with knowledge, and you know  what you are  doing.  If anyone has a problem with the law we will happily recommend your name.  Michael,  you are not just a lawyer, you are a top notch lawyer

Maria D.

I don’t normally write reviews unless I’m unhappy, but this time I was so impressed I needed to share. Ian Gauthier at Mines & Company Law gave us prompt service and thoughtful planning about our next move
with our case. He listened well to our concerns and showed a lot of compassion when we needed it the most. We highly recommend him.


I don’t normally get involved in writing reviews for professional services, but when people go above and beyond what is normally expected, I can’t “not” take the time to give praise, where praise is due and let others know! I required legal representation a few years back, Micheal Mines and Ryan Johnson came highly recommended. I hired Micheal after the initial meeting and interview, I hoped for the best outcome, whatever that might be.

Micheal and Ryan work seamlessly together and are extremely professional. I may add, they are obviously very well connected in Vancouver. Together, they managed to obtain the very best possible outcome in my case, which is the best anybody can hope for when dealing with these difficult and complicated situations. I highly recommend this legal team! Quite obviously the very highest level of service in Vancouver.



Ryan Johnson defended me against crown for a potential impaired driving charge. I chose Ryan because of his caring and attentive demeanor. I made the right choice as the charge was reduced to a traffic fine. Ryan was even kind enough to accommodate a payment plan for me. Thank you again for everything.


Dear Mr. Mines,

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the help you have given to our family. It is most reassuring to have your professional guidance and expertise during a most stressful time. As our lawyer, you represented us and advocated for our best interest. You showed us kindness and patience. We cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind you helped restore back into our lives.With gratitude,


Dear Michael, Thank you very much for helping me with my problem.Your kindness, generosity and understanding are greatly appreciated! Best wishes!



I was charged for fraud under $5000 in September 2018 and I hired Mr. Mines to work on my case. He did his best, and got my charges dropped before the Christmas holidays because he wanted me to feel relaxed during Christmas. He is absolutely a professional, responsible, and understanding lawyer. Before I hired him, I talked to couple of other lawyers. Not only was their fee higher, but also the way they talked to me, I felt like my situation was hopeless. But as soon as I talked to Mr. Mines, he assured me that he would find a solution. Every time I called him  to ask about the progress of my case, he kindly answered me. In all, Mr. Mines has great sense of responsibility, humanity and is a total professional. I was really happy to have chosen him to represent me. I feel like he saved my life!  Now, a year later, I called him to request that the police destroy my “non-conviction” record and Mr. Mines  kindly agreed to do this for no extra fee.


I hired Michael after running into issues, not only was Michael professional, we won the case. I would recommend Michael for any criminal law matters in Canada, this man knows his stuff. He was able to prevent me from going to jail, even though a warrant was out for me, he was able to get it executed even without me going to jail and no fingerprint and mugshots. Armed with video evidence and knowledge of the law, we were able to get the case dismissed and no criminal record. Michael kept me informed through the process and telling me what my options were at each stages of the process. At the end, truth prevailed and we won. After the case was dismissed, he got the court and VPD to remove all records. He then recommended me to another lawyer to handle some immigration issues I ran into as a result of being accused of assault. Also I can go now travel and work in Canada without any issues.

R. & D. M.

Just wanted to thank Mr. Mines and everyone involved in L’s case and wonderful resolution! We are all so grateful and appreciate your efforts and faith in our son as a person. All the best, and congratulations on an excellent job!